High5-Coat® Coating that lasts wearing and glances

The High5-Coat® coating combines two traditional steel coating and protection methods: Hot dip galvanizing and powder painting.
The powder painting layer is applied for specialty treated hot dip galvanized surface, which is heated in an oven to a tough coating layer. This method provides a long lifetime for the steel structure – even under severe corrosive conditions. High5-Coat® coating extends the product lifetime considerably.


That's how it happens


The surface treatment removes surface impurities such as rust and rolling scale.

Hot dip galvanizing

A long lasting and economical solution protects the element.

Sweep blast-cleaning

The surface is roughened for optimal bond.


Bonding and corrosion protective cover is finalized with a phosphate-free, special-silane treatment.

Powder coating

A modern, corrosion protective layer to meet the high visual demand.

Quality and testing

The principle of High5-Coat® coating is been used as a coating for years and the coating combination is been tested for over 6 months period in accelerated corrosion tests, which verify coating combination to apply up to environment classification of C5 / H according ISO 12944 standard.

In the same tests, the coating is proved to be as good or partly even better than the competitors’ products. The coating combination is always coated under strictly controlled factory conditions at Pirkkala Aurajoki Oy and Haapanen Oy’s factories, processes that are certified by EN 1090-2 and ISO 9001.

The coatings are always performed according to EN ISO 1461 and ISO EN 13438.

Environment and durability

The High5-Coat® coating process is phosphate-free and does not create any harmful VOC-emissions. Hot dip galvanizing and powder coating are environmentally most cost-effective coating methods that can protect steel from corrosion and give the product the desired surface color.

Powder coating process has a very low loss of paint, almost all
of the sprayed paint is recovered. Hot dip galvanizing is a dipping process, resulting a loss of material close to zero.

The powder coatings used comply with the restriction in
EU Directive 2011/65 / EC (RoHS).

Life expectancy​

The durability of the steel structure treated with the High5-Coat® method is multiple compared to the hot dip galvanized and painted construction. Dutch studies verify that life expectancy can be calculated using the formula:

LT=     K (LZn+LM)
LT=     Coating with 2 components (High5-Coat®)
           life expectancy in years.
LZn=   Life expectancy of only hot dip galvanizing
           in years In the actual operating environment.
LM=    Theroretic lifetime of the paint, when the surface
           of steel is directly painted.

K=   Environmental-dependent synergic factor of:

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